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The following list of breeders are members in good standing with the Eastern German Shorthaired Pointer Club.
They have agreed to the code of ethics as out lined below.
EGSPC does not endorse, guarantee,recommend, or approve any particular breeder. The EGSPC disclaims any liability or obligation for the health,temperamen, or any other aspects of German through Shorthaired Pointers purchased through breeders identified by this EGSPC web site.
Kennel Name
Primary Activities
Contact Information
Cruzin Kennels Field Trial, Gun Dogs, Family Companions
391 Winifred Dr
Totowa, NJ 07512
P: (973) 812-8212
Website: www.cruzinkennels.com

Windswept Kennel

Field Trial, Gun Dogs, Family Companions

Contact Bob Perlin
221 Sweetmans Lane
Englishtown, NJ 07726
P: (732)
586-2500 (cell)

HighStanding Kennel Field Trial, Hunting Enthusiast, Gun Dog, Family Companions

Contact Anthony & Dayna Rusciano
Newfield, NJ
P: (
848) 565-6699
Email: info@highstandingkennel.com
Website: www.highstandingkennel.com


Before contacting any of the individuals listed in this Directory, we strongly urge you to do some preliminary work. First, evaluate your own circumstances and lifestyle. Visit your local library for a look at the AKC publication "The Complete Dog Book", which contains a brief description, the standard, and a photograph of every recognized breed. While there you should also look at some of the many books that have been written on the subject of how to find the right dog for you. A little research can easily save you from falling in love with a dog which is inappropriate or impractical for your situation. You may even find that owning a dog is not the answer to your companionship needs.

If there is a particular breeder whom you would like to visit, phone for an appointment. When visiting a breeder and in particular when viewing a litter of puppies have a list of the questions you want to ask. Make sure you get to see and interact with the puppies' mother as well as their father, if he is on the premises. Seeing the parents is an indication of what the puppies may be like, both in appearance and temperament, after they mature.Find out whether the breed(s) in which you are interested is prone to any particular hereditary problems and whether "screening" tests are available and have been performed to minimize the risk of purchasing a puppy with those problems. Puppies are infants. They should appear healthy and active. If you are at all concerned with the general condition of the puppy do not buy it.

Once you've made the decision to purchase a puppy, arrange for your veterinarian to examine it in the first days after bringing it home. The breeder should have given you the dog's inoculation record. Take it with you to your vet. Most diseases have a relatively short incubation period. Your pup will be exposed to new germs and diseases as soon as you get it home. Your vet can assure you of the health and general condition of your new pup.In addition to the inoculation record, the breeder should give you a copy of the puppy's pedigree listing the puppy's ancestors for at least the past three generations. You should also receive an A.K.C. Application for Registration. The breeder should have registered the litter. It will be up to you to name the dog and apply for its individual registration. Occasionally the breeder will have already registered the puppy individually, in which case you will receive the dog's certificate of registration, and should use the form on the back of it to apply for registration of change of ownership. Finally, make sure that you receive a written contract of sale from the breeder. It is important that all guarantees, promises, terms and conditions of the sale are spelled out in writing. If the breeder refuses to give you a written contract of sale don't buy the puppy.

Neither the EGSPC, nor its member clubs can be held responsible for the actions of any kennel or individual listed. However, the EGSPC wishes to be kept informed of all situations where a breeder seems to be engaging in unethical practices.


1. All dogs shall be kept under sanitary conditions and shall be given maximum health protection through regular inoculations and proper nutrition. Dogs shall be contained within safe restrictions when the breeder/owner cannot personally supervise their safety.

2. All breeders shall keep accurate and complete personal records of breeding's, litters, pedigrees and puppy/dog owners' names as required by the American Kennel Club.

3. All puppies leaving their breeder's possession shall be a minimum of seven (7) weeks of age, except in those breeds where twelve (12) weeks of age is generally accepted.

4. All breeders of purebred dogs shall breed to conform to the American Kennel Club's Standard of Excellence for their breed and only from quality, healthy stock. Breeders will screen for inherited diseases/disorders as known in their breed.

5. Breeders shall provide the puppy buyer with written details of feeding, general care, dates and types of inoculations, worming's and general medical records, grooming instructions, etc. and be readily available for information and advice in the future as needed.

6. Breeders will not knowingly sell or consign puppies or adult dogs to pet stores, puppy brokers, or other commercial dealers.

7. All puppies will be sold with written contracts appropriate for conformation/breeding quality or pet quality specifications (limited registration), guarantees and restrictions. The contract will ensure that the breeder will be contacted whenever an owner can no longer keep a dog at any time in the dog's life, and it will be the obligation of the breeder to assist in the placement or disposition of the dog. Puppy purchasers should be urged to spay or neuter all pet quality puppies.

8. Dogs and/or bitches will not be bred before or after such an age as is customary for their breed as outlined by the Parent Club and AKC guidelines. The breeder will allow proper, healthful spacing between litters.

9. Breeders will permit stud services only to quality, healthy bitches, appropriately screened for inherited diseases/disorders, communicable diseases and owned by individuals who give satisfactory evidence that they will give these puppies proper care and attention and who are in agreement with these and the Parent Club guidelines for responsible breeders.

10. Prospective buyers should be screened as thoroughly as possible to determine their desire and ultimate intent for each puppy and/ or dog, and also for their interest and ability to provide a safe, adequate and loving home for each puppy and/or dog acquired.

11. Breeders will not dispose of any puppy or adult dog bred or owned by them in animal shelters or animal pounds.

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