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EGSPC Rescue is not accepting new surrenders at this time and is only servicing dogs under past EGSPC Rescue contracts. If you are in need of assistance pertaining to a dog that was placed under EGSPC Rescue’s contract, please contact EGSPCRESCUENJ@gmail.com.
Should you need assistance with anything other than one of EGSPC Rescue dogs, you may want to vist GSPCA Rescue at: http://rescue.gspca.org/regional.html
GSP RESCUE is a network of dedicated volunteers who have the capacity to love their breed beyond the regard they hold for their own personal dogs. There are many regional GSP rescue groups across the United States and Canada. If you are interested in adoption, volunteering or would like more information on how to surrender your dog to rescue, please contact the group that covers your state or region.
Anyone considering making a GSP part of their family must consider the HIGH ENERGY needs of the breed. They require stimulating exercise on a daily basis and consistent obedience training. Do not expect a dog that just lies around. If their energy needs are not met, they can become destructive in the house. MOST GSPs are surrendered to us because of their high energy level. In many of those cases the family brought a GSP into their lives without fully understanding the exercise requirements of the breed. Consequently, they could not meet those needs & sought our help in placing the dog in a new home. GSPs are a hunting breed with HIGH PREY DRIVES. They can become easily distracted and chase squirrels, birds and other small animals. Thus, GSPs are not particularly reliable off leash and are best in a home with secure fencing. GSPs also love to be close to their families and do not do well in homes when they are left alone for excessively long periods of time each day. Ideal placements are with families who can provide the animal with love, attention, training, daily exercise and most importantly make him a part of their every day lives.

Please visit www.gspca.org for additional information on the breed to help you determine whether or not this breed is right for you.
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